Sunday, 14 June 2009


Start, begin, enter

I've been so lazy these days. Just dancing.. I should revise too. I have my maths GCSE in two weeks, and I need to get a B or I'll be moved down. I'm also slightly addicted to 3OH!3 at the moment..

I never used to like them.

Strange, isn't it?

Here's a dance which I'm going to learn. Possibly up before Bouken Desho Desho?, but I doubt it.

The dancer is xxxayu3. I really admire her, she's amazing. She inspires me to learn my dances better xD

Well, I guess that's it for now. Byebye!~


  1. I expect your new dances very much.
    Keep going....both dance and math~

  2. I hope your success in next maths GCSE as well as dancing.
    "Yes, you can!"

  3. Hi bex
    I know xxxayu3!
    Her dance is very COOL!!!!
    I like "教えて!!魔法のLyric"dance.

    Plz watch this.

    She is Pro Dancer.

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  5. Just study hard and enjoy those days, beckii :D
    It's a certain way that makes you great woman which I think.
    Good luck next maths GCSE!

  6. I like 愛川こずえ very much, I've got all of her dances. Most of her dances are learned from some professional performers but with her traits.