Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Then The Rain Came Down

Today, terrible weather. This morning started off soaking wet and cold, with so much rain! It carried on like this until 3:40, the end of school, and now it's boiling! So strange.
Pictured is the food I bought :)

Also, this morning the support unit burnt the toast, thus making us wait outside in the pouring rain for about half an hour. Two fire engines came past, nee-naw ^^

After school, I went to get my wages, and then me and Charl-face went shopping for the Duke of Edinburgh expedition this weekend. Walking 11.7km on saturday, and 11.25km on sunday. 14 miles.. I swear it was 20 miles. Must have been the practice expedition. xD

I can't stop listening to this playlist, consisting of:
  1. An Awful Lot Of Running- Chameleon Circuit
  2. Type 40- Chameleon Circuit
  3. Blink- Chameleon Circuit
  4. Colorado Sunrise- 3OH!3
  5. Chokechain- 3OH!3
  6. Punkbitch- 3OH!3
  7. Don't Trust Me- 3OH!3
Yeah, two bands. Hehe.


  1. Woo!
    Jelly Beans,Marshmallows,The preparation is OK!
    It is likely to become happy travel!!
    I prays for your and your friend's safety^^

  2. wish you have a wonderful trip!

  3. Brrr...I still remember the rain in England.