Sunday, 14 June 2009


*RAWR* I can't be bothered to do my maths revision.. tried it about 3 times and given up, every time.. I just had some cereal to make my brain happy. Ah! Thursday, must see Music teacher.. gotta remember.

I haven't made any more headway on my Japanese selftaching. Although, I made a book full of all the kana before, and I remember quite a few now, and I know what all the " marks do as well :) Ah, I'm a smart little girly :3

I'm re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I haven't read in such a long time.. my best friend and I used to be total HP nerds, and stuff... I lost my train of thought NARWHALS.


  1. Hi~!

    I am from Taiwan.
    I saw your dancing videos from internet.
    You're an incredible girl!
    Your dancing is interesing and cute!

    wish you can achieve your goal on learning Japanese.

    (The word below is Chinese.)

    ( My Japanese name is "巧"(Takumi) )
    (It's nice to know you and meet you through the internet)

  2. howdy!
    Please tell me at any time if you want to study Japanese more.