Monday, 15 June 2009


Ah~ today was the first day back after the TT holidays, only a week we had off, but it felt a lot longer!

This weekend, I have the Duke of Edinburgh expedition, a 20 mile walk with a heavy backpack >.<>

Today, we had a writing assessment in English, writing a report on a robot. It wasn't that interesting -_-'' I wrote two sides. Hopefully I'll have done well. I hope so.

After school today, it started raining. It had been very sunny all day, and the rain was refreshing. The tarmac on the two tennis courts started steaming, and it looked rather pretty ^^ I would have took a picture but my camera is too expensive to take to school xD

Recently I'm wearing my hair with a mid-ponytail, and my fringe and side-bits out. It looks better, I think.


  1. Howdy!
    It is sometimes beautiful on the day of rain.
    You have a good sensibility!
    Study makes progress on the day of rain!
    GO FOR IT^_^

  2. 20 miles... that's too tough!

  3. 20 mile walk would kill my feet. T.T